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UAB „Nordfenster“ has brought together a team of highly qualified professionals to implement your most ingenious ideas. We design and manufacture wood frame windows, entrance doors, winter gardens, façade systems of exquisite design according to custom orders. Highest quality products are produced by the hands of our experienced staff. We are dedicated to continual improvement of production technologies and the offering of innovative solutions to our customers.

Design, Production and Installation

UAB „Nordfenster“ offers complex services from design to production and installation. Your windows and doors are made from one source to guarantee seamless process management. We are proud of offering the highest level of service to our customers. UAB Nordfenster – innovative design and the latest structural and production technology.

UAB „Nordfenster“ | Exclusive Windows + Doors

UAB „Nordfenster” was established in 2008. Our company a business that reflects our core values: simplicity, sincerity, taking responsibility. We believe that the company must make the world a better and more beautiful place to live in. UAB “Nordfenster” is craftsmanship and quality, cosiness, harmony and, above all, a blend of contemporary design and traditional solutions.

UAB „Nordfenster“ markets its products in Lithuania and exports to European Union countries, Scandinavia, USA and CIS countries.

Since the inception of the company, we have implemented over 300 of the most complex private and public projects, including the manufacture of windows and doors for heritage sites.

We are proud to have manufactured and installed over 150,000 handmade windows and doors that are enjoyed by over 1,000 happy customers.

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